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Etnomusikologian vuosikirja 27 (2015)

The Finnish Yearbook for Ethnomusicology
vol. 27 (2015)

Sound examples referenced in the article: "Music from New Orleans and Warsaw – Records from the Harry Orvomaa Collection" by Pekka Gronow.

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The Finnish Yearbook of Ethnomusicology vol. 27 can be found from http://julkaisut.etnomusikologia.fi/EVK/EVK_Vol_27_2015.pdf

Sound example 1. Jazz me blues (Delaney). Parlophone (Finland) DPY 1052. Original issue Parlophone R 2268. Gene Krupa and his Chicagoans. Chicago 1935.

Sound example 2. Bugalusa Strut. Gazell 1001. Bunta’s Storyville Jazz Band. Stockholm 1949.

Sound example 3. In Gloryland. Bunk’s Brass Band. American Music 534. New Orleans 1945. 

Sound example 4. Unzer Toirele (Alte hebräische Melodie). Abe Schwartz’s Orchestra. Columbia DI 31. Original issue Columbia 8160-F. New York 1928.

Sound example 5. Der Rebe und Gabe. Wiera Kaniewska & Pawel Brajtman. Syrena-Electro 19956. Warsaw early 1930s.

Sound example 6. Nouveau pot-pourri. Bernard Potock et son Orchestre. Elesdisc LS-4. Paris, early 1950s.

Sound example 7. Jazz me blues (Delaney). Finnish Rhythm Clubs Federation FRCF 1. Rolle Lindström Dixieland Band. Helsinki 1950. “Supervised by Harry Orvomaa”.

Sound example 8. Käy tanssimaan. Scandia KS-341, Brita Koivunen, Jaakko Salon yhtye 1960 (from the collection of Suomen äänitearkisto).